Puff will soar above the playa spreading light and love to all.

Puff the Magic Dragon is a video mapping project that involves 2 HDMI projectors and a PVC structure covered in scrim.

View & Download the SketchUp Model Here


I am currently looking for voluenteers as well as supplies and donations in order to complete this art project.
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Needed Supplies:

Name Quantity
2in PVC 10 ft pipe 5
2in 3 way elbow 8
1.5in 3 way elbow 8
1.5in PVC 10ft pipe 9
1.5in PVC 45 degree elbow 8
1in PVC 3 way elbow 20
1in PVC 45 degree elbow 25
1in PVC 10ft pipe 12
3/4in PVC 10ft pipe 5
3/4in PVC 3 way elbow 8
3/4in PVC 45 degree elbow 12
Fabric 100
White Paracord 1
White Spray Paint 10
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