DiGiTaLCHeMiST has been approved for an Art Grant!

I will be premiering DiGiTaLCHeMy: 101 at FreezerBurn 2023: ‘Weird Science’


  • DiGiTaLCHeMiST – A visual artist who incorporates live video and real-time effects into my performance.
  • DiGiTaLCHeMy – A unique style of visual mixing that incorporates live video and real-time effects.
  • FreezerBurn – A Central Texas winter regional arts event and community experiment.
  • Weird Science – The theme for FreezerBurn 2023 that was proposed by DiGiTaLCHeMiST.

“I am super excited to premier my art project at “Weird Science” in January 2023!” – DiGiTaLCHeMiST

The pandemic had a huge impact on this project.  Due to COVID-19 precautions FreezerBurn was not able to occur in 2021 or 2022.  Fortunately the vaccine is now widely distributed and “Weird Science” can finally proceed!

I created this project to incorporate traditional analog visual effects into my live visual mixing. I wanted to recreate oil/water style visuals, and at the same time, bring my audience a new perspective. In this introductory project I will be encouraging audience participation by examining specimens collected by event participants.